Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Craft Party

We had our first party on Thursday and it was a lot of fun.  The children made 5 different crafts and decorated a cookie for snack time!  A big thanks goes out to the moms who were able to help and join in on the fun!

Cookie Decorating was fun and delicious!  Lots of frosting and sprinkles.  We saved these for the end of the day!

We made spiders

We decorated foamie pumpkins! 
What did we do before these foamie patterns??

We made bracelets with fall beads.

We decorated our ghost pencils.

We also made thumbprint bookmarks.

But did you see those buckets???
Thank you Mrs. Morton for taking the time to decorate all of those buckets!  I just want to know how I didn't find out you could do this until I had your third child in my class!!

Hello Out There!

I knew keeping the blog updated would be one of the greatest challenges to starting a blog this year.  Oh Well!  The beginning of school is always a crazy busy time, but I really want this blog to chronicle our year, so I will be updating this week with some of the things we have been doing.  Hopefully I can get caught up and then try to post at least once a week with little snippets of our week!

I will start with some of the Math Centers we have been working on.  We have been concentrating on the numbers 1-10.  We finished our "Big Numbers" and have gotten into a good routine with our Math Series.  As you can see our Math Centers have been all about counting, counting, counting!