Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Growth through the Year

Remember this tidbit?
Taleah handed this to me in a card on Meet your Teacher day last August. 

This May, Taleah spent a couple of days during center time working really hard on something, she wouldn't show me what it was until she finished.  I figured it was the typical picture that we get thousands of, so I told her to go put it on my desk.  Well, when I sat down to see what she had done, I got this...

The Tooth Fairy Book
to Mrs. Windom
from Taleah

One day there was a fairy place in the trees.  ( I love the fairy doors on the trees!)
 One Fairy name Emily and it was the tooth fairy.  The tooth fairy got my tooth.  (I love the illustration of the tooth fairy flying away with the tooth)

I have no tooth.  It fell out, the tooth fairy came and got it.

I woke up and I see the money.

The peoples

As soon as I read this I knew it was a keeper!  I knew it needed to be scanned and then given to her mother, once I restapled it on the correct side!  This was done completely on her own over the course of two days.
A little about the author:  Taleah was one of my youngest students and she worked hard all year long to get where she was by the end of the year.  And can you guess what was happening in her life?  She had just lost her first tooth!
Love it!!!!