Monday, July 30, 2012

Supply List

I have added the supply list for this year as a separate page, just click on the "supply list" tab at the top and it will open up the supply list!  Please feel free to bring supplies on Meet Your Teacher Day.  This really helps with the first day of school "craziness"!!

Class Lists

Class lists should be arriving soon or at least in the next week. The office staff has returned and they should be open for registration.

We, as teachers, always start wondering who we will have this year and how our classes will come together.  And as a Kindergarten teacher we always have that extra thought of "Oh no! We have start ALL OVER again".  The first weeks in kindergarten are always the hardest and most tiring.  We have been know to describe it as herding ants, although ants do seem to be able to walk in a line, or holding a tray full of marbles and keeping them all still at the same time.
The beginning of the year is always exciting.  I am looking forward to it! I will probably go in one day this week to start setting up the furniture.  I just hope they have cleaned the carpets by now and oh yeah...fixed the air conditioning unit that was leaking through the ceiling as I left in June.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Well step 1 is in the big cassette to cd project is done!  I have copied 125 cassettes onto my computer using Audacity.  Love this!!!!!  Now I just have to burn them to cd's.  I am also going to keep the digital files saved for when we make the next change of format in school.  But for right now I am going to stick with cd's.  I just got 4 new cd players with bonus points this past spring.  The best part is I can make either individual cd's or put a few stories on a cd and then make a playlist for the listening center.  Or I should say listening centers!!  I always joke that it is my goal to have them all with headphones on at one time...just for that 5 minutes of quiet that we need once in a while!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Books on "Tape"

So, I have a huge collection of books on tape for my listening centers and one of my summer projects is to transfer them all to CD's.  I started in on the project today and some of them are so distorted, I just had to throw them away.  Now some of these are tapes that I have used for years and the kids never said anything about not being able to understand what they were saying.  They sound like the Charlie Brown teacher!  I even have one from probably one of my first years teaching where there is no signal to turn the page, you actually hear the narrator turning the page.  No music like most of them have, just the narrator reading and on the flip side a different narrator reads the story in cloze.  Now I have had this tape for over 20 years...have I never listened to it!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Try This Again!

I want to start updating this blog again.  I wanted this to be a scrapbook of our year, but once I fell behind in posting, I just kind of gave up trying to get caught up!  So that's the good thing about the summer...we get to start all over again.  Maybe this year I can make it past October!