Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch!

About three years ago, I found these pumpkins on Pinterest and just knew we had to make them.  I just love how these come out.  We start out by painting our paper, first we have to decide if our pumpkins will be tall and skinny or short and fat, this decides how we paint our paper, horizontal or vertical.  When the paint dries, we cut the corners and trim the points to make our pumpkin shape, cut our eyes, mouth and stem and add them to the pumpkin.  These are done without patterns, just by cutting the shapes and following directions.  I love how they each have their own little personalities!

All About Apples

What is the deal with studying Apples in September?  Why is this usually one of the first units we do?  Well it really lends itself to all of our curriculum areas.  We have fiction and non fiction books about apples to read and discuss.  We can also learn about Johnny Appleseed.  We can use our five senses to explore the apples and talk about the properties.  We can graph them, to see which color was the most, the least, and the same.  We can bring our opinions in when we choose which ones are our favorites and our favorite ways to eat apples.  We measure and weigh them to practice using our science tools.  We can label the parts of the apples and chart the life cycle of the apple.  Here are some pictures of some of our apple activities.
 Graphing the apples that were brought in to school.
 Working on our Apple Investigation.
 Our first directed drawing of Johnny Appleseed and creating a project just by following directions.
 After reading Ten Apples up on Top we ordered our apples onto our own heads!
We also sing a few apple songs for our first Kindergarten Performance!