Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pumpkin Math

Last Wednesday was our Pumpkin Math day.  I only had 2 parents who were able to volunteer, but I couldn't have asked for 2 better parents to be there.  Colleen Shoemaker and Amber St. Onge did a fantastic job working with groups of children as we estimated, counted, weighed, measured and carved our pumpkins.

Describing our pumpkins.

Will it sink or will it float?
Pumpkins Float!

Even I had a group of children to work with!
Willa digs right in and scoops out a bunch of seeds and pulp!

Andy uses the scraper to clean out the insides.
Evan shows off his Jack-o-Lantern plan.

The girls get gloved up and ready to dig in!
Pulling out seeds and getting ready to count.
Owen is prepared to do some serious work.
Charles was in his element.  Halloween is definitely HIS Holiday!
Counting seeds!

Another Pumpkin Math activity completed and the Jack-o-Lanterns are lit up for rest time!

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